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The Healthcare Group of Lincoln Harris CSG is part of the corporate services Group of Dallas-based Lincoln
Property Company (LPC). LPC is a nationally recognized real estate development and services firm with offices in
the United States and nine European Countries. LPC has developed over 76 million square feet of commercial
product and manages in excess of 150 million square feet of commercial space. As the corporate services group
of LPC, Lincoln Harris CSG manages a portfolio in excess of 50 million square feet – 21 million square feet of
which is managed by the Healthcare Group.

Our award-winning Healthcare real estate service lines are a product of our knowledge of real estate and our
understanding of the healthcare business. Since entering the healthcare space in 1997, we have continued to
refine our value proposition, which is to help our clients Save Money, Save Time and Add Value – thus creating
competitive advantage through real estate.

Visit our Healthcare Website.

Our Services
- MOB/Facility Management Services
- Transaction Services
- Project Management Services
- Valuation/Compliance Services

Our Team

- 350+ Associates dedicated to healthcare real estate
- 600+ MOBs under management

- Servicing the healthcare industry since 1997
- Offices in 17 states
- 2500+ transactions per year
- Award-Winning / Stark Compliant Services


Key Contacts
Ron Steen

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